First JCI & NABH Accredited Multispeciality Health Care Hospital in Gurgaon

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The department offers most modern and rationalized treatment for all the urological diseases, few of them are mentioned below:
Team Of Specialists:
Dr. Rajiv Yadav
Dr. S. V. Kotwal
Dr. Varun Mittal
Dr. Vikram Barua Kaushik
Dr. Sandeep Harkar
Dr. Abhinandan Mukhopadhyay
Dr. Nitin Shrivastava
The Department Offers Most Modern & Rationalized Treatment For All Urological Diseases, Few Of Them Are:
•Treatment of Prostatic diseases including surgeries like TURP, Laser prostatectomy, HoLEP, PVP
•Treatment of stone diseases with minimally invasive and laser techniques – URS, PCNL, RIRS
•Treatment of cancers of kidney, prostate, urinary bladder, penis and testis - Radical prostatectomy, radical cystectomy, Construction of neobladder, Radical nephrectomy, etc
•Treatment of Paediatric urological disorders like PUJ obstruction, VUR, Urethral valves, childhood tumors, etc including surgeries like Pyeloplasty, Ureteric reimplantation, etc
•Treatment of Men’s sexual problems and infertility
•Treatment of strictures of urethra
•Treatment of female urological disorders like Urinary incontinence, prolapse, vaginal fistulas, etc