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Artemis Education & Research Department

About Us

Artemis Education and Research Foundation (AERF), an autonomous non profit foundation guided by the board of trustees is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) as a "Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO)" to carry out research, educational and training programs in the quest of quality health care. 

It commenced with a vision and dream of Mr. Onkar Kanwar, the Chairman of Apollo Tyres Ltd and Artemis Medicare Services Limited, to build a world class research center with cutting edge technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure and best of the scientific minds promoting basic and translational research to enhance the quality of patient care and treatment. Under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Devlina Chakravarty, Managing Director of Artemis Medicare services Limited, and the profound scientific expertise and experience of Dr. Nirmal Kumar Ganguly, former Director General of Indian Council of Medical Research and Chairman of Research Artemis Medicare Services Limited, this took shape and started moving from strength to strength. Under the chairmanship of Dr. Ganguly and direction of Dr. Namita Jaggi, Chairperson of Lab services and Infection Control & Chief of Education & Research and Dr. Sudeshna Kar, Chief Scientist of Research, this innovative lab now serves as the epicenter for collaborative research projects, enabling our researchers and PhD scholars to explore the frontiers of medical science. Our cohesive team of 24 dedicated research professionals, comprising 10 esteemed scientists, 7 PhD scholars, and 7 diligent ancillary staff members, collaboratively drives the pursuit of knowledge and excellence. 

Our commitment to fostering a dynamic educational ecosystem is reflected not only in our state-of-the-art infrastructure spanning three dedicated floors, but also in our cutting-edge tools and advanced imaging equipments like confocal microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, specialized analysis tools like Flowcytometer, Next Generation Sequencing. This laboratory provides the necessary tools to support the scientific studies in the focused area of Genetic diseases and Gene therapy, Neurobiology, Cancer biology, Immunopathology, Antimicrobial Resistance, Infectious Diseases, Microbiome, Virology, Cellular Biology, Lifestyle disorder, Stem cell research and Regenerative medicine. 

Our Vision

To provide evidence-based solutions to the challenges in the healthcare ecosystem and building strong linkages between clinicians and researchers to enhance the quality of patient care and treatment.

Our Mission

The mission of AERF is to cultivate a culture of learning, curiosity, and scientific exploration within the healthcare community.

Our Objectives 

  • Enhancing the quality of patient care and treatment through a research facility that strives to provide evidence based solutions and establishes strong linkages within the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Fostering and promoting a research culture to enhance the image and academic foot print of the organization. 
  • Undertaking intramural and extramural research projects and collaboration with national and international scientific organizations leading up to peer reviewed, high impact publications.  
  • To provide inter-disciplinary training for scholars as well as supporting education through PhD and various training programs.
  • Encouraging faculty from various clinical departments to be involved in research through Faculty Development Program. 

Major Academic, Research and Innovation Collaborations

Department of Research aims to raise its standard by collaboration with world-class education and research institutions. To achieve this aim and for better south to south cooperation, we have embarked upon a partnership program with national and International institutes for capacity building and human resource development. This program would allow research personnel to get trained in advanced technologies and exposure to the latest advancements in knowledge through interaction with the scientists in their respective field of work. This partnership also includes preparation of joint proposals for funding from national and International agencies and their implementation. 

a) Academic Collaborations

JamiaHamdard University, Delhi
Postgraduate students working in Department of Research or Artemis Hospitals could register themselves for a PhD program in JamiaHamdard.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)
Together with MAHE, we aim to accelerate innovation, advance research, and enrich the educational experience for the benefit of our students, researchers, and the wider healthcare community.

b) Research and Innovation collaborations

All India Institute of Ayurveda, Delhi

Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Research Faculties at AERF

Name: Dr. Nirmal Kumar Ganguly 
Designation: Chairman
Area of Research: Tropical Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases, Immunology, Public Health and Diarrhoeal Diseases 
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Name: Dr. Namita Jaggi
Designation: Chief Education & Research 
Area of Research: AMR, Infectious Disease & Microbiome
Read More: Click here

Name: Dr. Sudeshna Kar 
Designation: Chief Scientist 
Area of Research: Oncology & Neuroscience
Read More: Click here

Name: Dr. Nirupama Chatterjee 
Designation: Principal Research Scientist 
Area of Research: Metabolic and Chronic Diseases & IVF Support Tests
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Name: Dr. Nishi Raj Sharma 
Designation: Principal Research Scientist
Area of Research: Virology 
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Name: Dr. Abhishak Gupta 
Designation: Principal Research Scientist
Area of Research: 3D In-vitro Model Systems and Immune Regulation 
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Name: Dr. Varun Suroliya 
Designation: Research Scientist
Area of Research: Genome Biology & Genetic Disorders
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Name: Dr. Nisha Vats 
Designation: Research Scientist 
Area of Research: Stems Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine
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Name: Dr. Ayushi Purohit 
Designation: Research Scientist 
Area of Research: Bio-interventions in Gut Dysbiosis in Metabolic Disorders 
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Name: Dr. Pushpa Nirwan 
Designation: Research Scientist 
Area of Research: AMR
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PhD Scholars and Other Staff

Name: Ms. Priyanka Sharma, PhD Scholar  
Designation: Research Scientist 

Name: Ms. Anu Sharma, PhD Scholar
Designation: Senior Executive 

Name: Ms. Shilpi Yadav, PhD Scholar 
Designation: Team Leader Lab 

Name: Mr. Akshay Kumar, PhD Scholar  
Designation: Fellow

Name: Mr. Prashant Dubey, PhD Scholar 
Designation: Fellow 

Name: Ms. Surabhi Gautam, PhD Scholar
Designation: Fellow 

Name: Ms. Sharmishtha Sarkar, PhD Scholar
Designation: Fellow 

Name: Ms. Akshika 
Designation: Coordinator 

Name: Ms. Shivani Sharma 
Designation: Statistician 

Name: Mr. Manjeet Yadav
Designation: Executive Technician

Name: Mr. Aman Sharma 
Designation: Associate Lab Attendant

Name: Mr. Hansram Jatav
Designation: Associate Lab Attendant 

Name: Mr. Israr Ansari
Designation: Associate Lab Attendant 

Name: Mr. Radhesh Notiyal
Designation: Secretary to Chairman, Research


With a commitment to advancing knowledge and pushing boundaries, we offer a diverse range of meticulously curated instruments that empower researchers to explore new frontiers in their respective fields. Here is a glimpse of the exceptional tools at our disposal.

List of Publications

Explore Our Research Contributions: Delve into a compilation of our significant research endeavors and contributions in the field of healthcare.

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Gallery (Photos)

BSL-3 Facility

Central Instrumentation Lab

Confocal Microscopy

Stem Cell Facility

Flourescence & Upright Microscope