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Artemis Pain Medicine & Palliative care

Our Goals:

• Single out and treat the source of pain

• Synergize a multidisciplinary approach for treatment of pain syndromes

• Attain maximum pain relief for the longest time possible

• Assist patients return to a normalcy and a productive life

What We Do Customarily:

• Ascertain and diagnose the cause of pain

• Customize and design a treatment plan based on the diagnosis

• Locate the source of pain under Fluoroscopic/ Ultrasonographic guidance

• Administer local anesthesia

• Follow through to the target by a needle

• Corroborate the target by dye injection

• Inject Pain relieving or anti-inflammatory drug

• Observe for pain alleviation, if yes

• Implement long lasting relief with radio-frequency ablation or other suitable means

We Are There For You If:

• You are enduring neck pain, back pain, headache or any other pain for long duration

• You have slipped disc or Sciatica

• You have already undergone spine surgery without much relief or remedy

• You get fatigued easily after walking for long or standing

• If your activities are constrained because of joint pains?

• If our lifestyle is governed by nerve related pain (Neuralgia) like Trigeminal Neuralgia, fibromyalgia, Diabetic Neuropathy, phantom limb pain

• If you are tired of multiple consultations or taking pain killers?

• Cancer Pain (disease related / treatment related)

• Palliative Care

• End of Life Care

Transforaminal Selective Nerve Root Sleeve Blocks and Pulsed Radiofrequency: Highly concentrated drug is delivered to exact site for diagnosis and pain relief due to herniated disc, canal stenosis, tumor or any other cause.

Endoscopic/Percutaneous Dissectomy: Disc is taken out under local anesthesia without incision. Patient is discharged home the same day.

Suprascapular Nerve Block and Radio-Frequency Lesioning: These therapy is for patients with severe shoulder pain (Frozen Shoulder) and are not responding to medications or physical therapy.

Facet Joint and Medial Branch Radiofrequency Lesioning: If we infer that your neck or lower back pain may be caused in part by the small facet joints of the spine, diagnostic blocks are carried out.  Once your pain is relieved, we can offer long lasting pain relief management with radio-frequency treatment

Multi-modal Approach:

1) Medications

2) Interventions/ Blocks

3) Palliative Care: treatment of symptoms secondary to cancer / its management

What We Do:

1) Cervical Medial branch blocks / RFA for cervical facet pain

2) Cervical Epidural Adhesiolysis for Cervical Discogenic Pain

Gasserian Ganglion Radio-frequency lesioning: This is for trigeminal neuralgia. It avoids very high risk intra-cranial surgery. The results are comparable to MVD (Micro-vascular decompression)

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Team Of Specialists:

Dr. Ashu Kumar Jain - Head - Pain Medicine & Palliative Care