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Eat right for healthy kidneys on World Kidney Day 2023

Eat Right for Healthy Kidneys on World Kidney Day 2023

World Kidney Day 2023 serves as a reminder of the critical role our kidneys play in maintaining overall health. Diet plays a pivotal role in either enhancing or deteriorating kidney health. Understanding the right and wrong foods is crucial for individuals, especially those with kidney-related concerns. Let's delve into the significance of dietary choices, expert recommendations, and preventive measures to safeguard kidney health.

Understanding Kidney Health:
The kidneys play a vital role in filtering waste products from the blood and regulating electrolytes and fluids. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) poses a significant threat to kidney function, emphasizing the importance of proactive measures.

The Impact of Diet on Kidney Health:
Consuming a balanced diet is paramount for kidney health. While certain foods enhance kidney function, others can exacerbate existing conditions. Dark green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, berries, apples, and fatty fish are deemed kidney-friendly. Conversely, legumes, nuts, dairy products, packaged goods, and high-sugar foods should be avoided by individuals with kidney disease.

Expert Insights:
Dr. Varun Mittal, Senior Consultant at Artemis Hospitals, Gurgaon, stresses the critical role of diet in kidney health. A kidney-friendly diet protects against further damage and aids in repair.

Recommendations for Kidney Health:

  •    Dr. Ruchi Samdani highlights the importance of reducing salt, sugar, and carbohydrate intake, especially for patients with high blood sugar or early-stage CKD.
  •    Opt for natural sweeteners like fruits and avoid juices and aerated drinks.

  • Excessive sodium consumption can elevate blood pressure and contribute to kidney disease.
  • Choose freshly prepared foods over processed alternatives to minimize salt intake.


As kidney function declines, limit potassium-rich foods, phosphorous, and protein. Monitor blood pressure, blood sugar, and inflammation levels to maintain kidney health.

Balanced Diet for Kidney Health:
In the pursuit of health, balance is key. While high-protein diets are popular, a balanced diet tailored to individual lifestyles and workout routines is essential. Plant-based proteins are preferred over animal protein for optimal kidney health.

On World Kidney Day 2023, let's prioritize kidney health by making informed dietary choices and following expert recommendations. By embracing a kidney-friendly diet and managing chronic conditions effectively, individuals can protect their kidneys from further damage and enhance overall well-being.

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For personalized guidance and expert care for kidney-related concerns, consult a leading urologist surgeon at Artemis Hospitals, Gurgaon. Book your appointment today to prioritize your kidney health journey.

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