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Nutrition & Dietetics

The Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics department at Artemis Hospital plays a key role in improving the nutritional health and well-being of patients so as to optimise their clinical management. A team of expert clinical nutritionists offer customised, evidence based nutritional plans for patients, keeping in mind their health problems and nutritional requirements. Trained extensively in all aspects of diet and nutrition, they also provide expert advice to patients on how to eat healthy, maintain optimal body weight and prevent / manage lifestyle disorders including diabetes, obesity and hypertension.
Team Of Specialists:
Dr. Shabana Parveen

Our nutritionists work in close association with a multidisciplinary team to provide the best care for patients through nutrition intervention, counselling and education. We adhere to recommendations that are evidence-based and consistent with international dietetic guidelines for the assessment, management and education of inpatients and outpatients.

In Patient Services:

  • All in-patients are screened for nutritional risk by qualified nutritionists based on metabolic, anthropometric, biochemical data, medical diagnosis and provide nutritional care.
  • Based on the assessments we plan appropriate therapeutic diet and provide nutritional counselling that compliment medical treatment.
  • Regular monitoring and documentation by the team ensures that every patient receives the best possible care.
  • Prior to discharge, patients on therapeutic diets are provided with a discharge nutritional Plan.

Outpatient Service:

  • Every individual needs a nutritional plan to suit their life style and health conditions to lead a healthy life.
  • We provide counselling for the outpatients who are either referred by the Doctors or those who would like to visit for personal nutrition guidance or weight management.
  • The nutritionist plans a specific diet based on your needs after reviewing dietary history and medical history.
  • A personalized fortnightly or monthly diet plan along with guidelines that assist in adherence to diet is provided based on the desired goals.
  • The department also caters to the clients who seek diet plans to keep themselves fit.

Home Care Services:

Our nutritionist visit patients under home care service to nutritionally assess, review thecondition and provide appropriate therapeutic nutrition plan.

Academic Activities:
  • Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Artemis Hospitals is recognized by Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) to conduct Six Months RD Internship for postgraduates in Nutrition.
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students in Nutrition & Dietetics from various colleges are offered Nutrition & Dietetics Internship programs.

 Other Activities:

  • The department also works towards promoting good health by educating the public and other health professionals about diet and nutrition.
  • The department has been participating in camps at various MNC’s, corporates and in-house too to educate employees on healthy eating practices.
The nutritionists at the department have also been visiting industrial units to create awareness on the need to keep a check on their dietary habits for healthy living.

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