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It is the branch of medical science that deals with the relevance and application of genetics in medical care which includes investigative research to understand the disorders that are genetically acquired along with their diagnosis, course of treatment as well as its management. It is division of science which deals with hereditary and genetic causes that leads to any disease-birth deficiency, inherited propensity to a health problem.
Team of specialists:
Dr. Nutan Agarwal
Dr. Ashutosh Gupta
Scientific discovery is growing at an expeditious speed which in turn has improved the capacity to prevent, treat and manage genetic conditions far more intensely and accurately than in the past and this trend is expected to grow exponentially. Moreover with increased awareness of genetic disorders-both common and chronic which afflict children and adults alike the demand for these services and specialists in this field will continue to see rapid growth.

Medical genetics is the study of etiology, pathogenesis, and natural history of diseases that in most cases has its inception in genetics or its application to genetics. Furthermore medical genetics and its associated services are a combined form of clinical and laboratory service which are offered to those who are impaired with a disorder which has genetic root or genetic factor.

Medical Genitics at Artemis

The department of Medical genetics at Artemis covers the entire spectrum of treatment which includes precise diagnosis, prevention, management along with comprehensive counselling of common as well as atypical genetic disorders. We are centred around identifying genetic etiology and inherited gene mutation, understanding genetic abnormality which a precursor to the disease, incidence of recurrence of disease, predictive and pre-symptomatic testing, accurate diagnosis and disease management.

Artemis runs a high tech diagnosis facility which is backed by state of the art equipments to provide exceptional outcomes in this area of speciality.

Apart from this it also provides the following services:

  • Genetic Counseling
  • Treatment of individuals and families with the hereditary disorder.
  • Disease predisposition /Pre symptomatic diagnosis
  • Dysmorphology clinic
  • Pedigree analysis
  • Cancer genetics
  • Genotyping / Genome sequencing
  • Homozygosity detection (consanguineous marriage)
  • Genetic carrier detection
  • Appropriate management of rare disorders
  • Reproductive counseling

 As a hospital of high repute, Artemis is specific and focused on what it delivers with regard to any of the speciality services that it offers.

Our Goals

Amongst its other goals the ones that are of specific significance are as followed :

  • Prophylactic treatment
  • Avoidance of severe complications
  • Carrier detection
  • Prenatal diagnosis

Patients are treated under respective sub-specialties depending upon the underlying disease. There is an close interconnection and strong collaboration with diverse medical and surgical sub specialities so as to offer the best treatment to our patients without leaving any stone unturned as well as ensuring that highest standard of medical care is delivered.

The role of our physicians are indispensable to the running of this whole sub section of medical care speciality. They are able to administer preventive therapy before clinically detectable damage to the tissues occur along with increased surveillance for treatable manifestations and make robust pre symptomatic diagnosis.