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Children’s Orthopaedics and Spine Surgery

Artemis Hospital has one of the very few specialist centres in India for treatment of Children’s Orthopaedic problems.
Team Of Specialists:
Dr. Sanjay Sarup
Department of Children’s Orthopaedics and Spine Surgery caters to children and adolescents up to age 18 years for all of their Orthopaedic limb and Spine problems, and is a leader in this field both nationally and internationally. Every year, over 1200 children attend our Department for various limb and spine disorders.

Our Speciality Areas Are:

  •  Birth defects which involve the arms and legs (like Club Foot Deformity). A club foot deformity that presents to us within a few weeks of birth takes a mere 5 weeks to correct fully. The small surgery that is done in this condition is scar-less
  • At birth hip dislocation (Congenital Hip Dislocation, Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip)
  • We are amongst the best centres in the world for treatment of hip dislocations and dysplasia
  • We are one of the leading centres for scoliosis and spinal deformity correction. Brace Therapy is given in order to avoid surgery when the deformity of the spine is not severe. This is complemented by special exercise programs. For severe deformities, we offer surgical correction. In small children, the surgery involves placement of growth rods which grow with the child and keep applying correction to the spinal deformity. In adolescents, we offer one stage or 2 stage corrections to balance the spine and correct the deformity. We have fully equipped operating rooms, highly trained anaesthesia teams, neurophysiology monitoring equipment, and ICU care to render these operations safe at our centre
  • Limb Lengthening and Height gain procedures - Limb Lengthening is carried out routinely in our hospital. We carry out limb lengthening procedures by time honoured methods of external fixator dependent lengthening, or by the latest and painless and completely internal magnetic nail (Precice) technology
  • Deformity that develops later like knock knees, bow legs, flat foot, are routinely treated at our Centre. A lot of the treatment consists of treatment of underlying medical disorders, bracing, and therapy. Minimally invasive procedures like Physeal Modulation are offered to rapidly correct those deformities that do not spontaneously correct. In addition to surgery, we offer non surgical treatments wherever possible – like orthotics, Physiotherapy, Bracing and exercises
  • We have a specialty driven program for children with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological conditions. Our Neuro-developmental Therapy and Sensory Intergration Therapy Centre is called the Artemis Special Children’s Centre (ASCC). Here, therapy is offered to children with neurological conditions – most notably Cerebral Palsy and Brachial plexus injury

The Other Children’s Orthopaedic Problems That Are Routinely Treated In The Department Are:

  • Injuries like fractures, dislocations, and ligamentous injuries
  • Infections of bones, joints (Osteomyelitis and Septic Arthritis), and the Spine (Tuberculosis)
  •  Developmental conditions like Perthes disease, Blount’s disease are offered the latest treatments at our hospital
  • We are fully equipped to treat bone tumors like Osteosarcoma and Ewing’s Sarcoma
  • Complex limb reconstructions in PFFD (Proximal Focal Femoral Deficiency), Tibial Hemimelia, Fibular Hemimelia, Radial Club hands and Ulnar Club hands

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