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Breast Surgery

Team Of Specialists:
Dr. Deepak Jha
At Artemis Hospitals, we understand that breast surgery is a personal and sensitive 
decision for many women and men. Whether it's for breast reconstruction, breast reduction,
gynecomastia treatment, or to address sagging breasts, we are committed to providing our 
patients with the highest level of care and expertise.

Breast Cancer Surgery: 

Looking for breast cancer surgery options that preserve your natural appearance? 

Advanced surgical methods allow for the removal of malignant tissue while preserving a significant amount of breast skin or even the nipple areola complex. This means you can achieve optimal cancer control and cure without compromising on your physical appearance.
Mastectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of one or both breasts, typically as a treatment for breast cancer. While it can be a challenging decision to make, mastectomy is often the best option for patients with certain types of breast cancer or a high risk of developing the disease.

  • Modified Radical Mastectomy (MRM) is a surgical procedure used to treat breast cancer by removing the breast tissue, some lymph nodes in the underarm area, and the lining over the chest muscles. In this procedure, the surgeon removes the entire breast tissue, including the nipple and areola, as well as the lymph nodes located in the axillary (underarm) region. However, unlike a radical mastectomy, the chest wall muscles are not removed.                                                                                                                                 
  • Nipple Sparing Mastectomy (NSM) is a type of mastectomy where the breast tissue is removed, but the nipple-areola complex (NAC) is preserved. In this procedure, the surgeon makes an incision under the breast, through which the breast tissue is removed while leaving the nipple and areola intact. The skin overlying the NAC is also preserved.   
  • Breast Conserving Surgery: Breast conserving surgery, also known as lumpectomy or partial mastectomy, is a surgical procedure used to treat breast cancer by removing the cancerous tissue while preserving the rest of the breast. In this procedure, the surgeon removes the tumor and a margin of normal breast tissue around it, but leaves the remaining breast tissue intact.Breast conserving surgery is usually followed by radiation therapy to kill any remaining cancer cells in the breast. This approach has been shown to be just as effective as mastectomy in treating early-stage breast cancer, while also preserving the natural appearance of the breast.

Breast Reconstruction:
Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that restores the shape and contour of the 
breast following a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Our skilled surgeons offer a range of options 
for breast reconstruction, including silicone breast implants, autologous tissue transfer 
(flap surgeries), and a combination of both. We work with our patients to determine the 
best approach based on their individual goals and medical history.

Breast Reduction Surgery:
Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that can reduce the size of large breasts, 
alleviate discomfort, and improve quality of life. Our experienced surgeons use the 
latest techniques to minimize scarring and achieve the desired results. We also offer 
specialized treatments for gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts) to help men feel more 
confident in their appearance.

  • Men Breast Reduction: Gynecomastia, commonly known as "man boobs," is a condition in which men develop enlarged breasts. Our skilled surgeons offer customized treatment plans to help men regain their confidence and achieve a more masculine-looking chest.

Scarless Breast Surgery using VAB:
Scarless breast surgery using vacuum-assisted biopsy (VAB) is a minimally invasive procedure that is used to diagnose and treat certain breast conditions, such as benign tumors, cysts, or other types of breast abnormalities. Unlike traditional breast surgery, which involves making an incision in the breast tissue, scarless breast surgery using VAB involves using a small probe or needle that is guided by ultrasound or MRI to remove the tissue or abnormal cells through a small puncture wound in the skin.

Axillary Breast:
Axillary breast tissue is a common condition in which breast tissue grows in the 
underarm area. Our skilled surgeons offer various options to remove this tissue and 
improve the appearance of the underarm.We work with our patients to develop a 
personalized treatment plan based on their individual needs and goals.

Flap Surgeries: Flap surgeries are autologous tissue transfers that use a patient's own tissue to reconstruct the breast. We offer a range of flap surgery options, including TRAM flap and DIEP flap, to help patients achieve their desired results with minimal scarring.

  • DIEP Flap: DIEP (Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator) flap surgery is a breast reconstruction technique that uses only skin and fat from the lower abdomen to create a new breast mound, without removing any muscle. During the procedure, our skilled surgeons use microsurgical techniques to transplant skin and fat from the lower abdomen to the chest to reconstruct the breast. This approach can create a natural-looking and feeling breast, while also avoiding the potential complications and recovery time associated with muscle removal. However, it does require a high level of technical expertise and is not always suitable for all patients.
  • TRAM Flap: TRAM (Transverse Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous) flap surgery is a breast reconstruction technique that uses tissue from the lower abdomen to create a new breast mound. During the procedure, our skilled surgeons remove a section of skin, fat, and muscle from the abdomen and transplant it to the chest to reconstruct the breast. This approach can create a more natural-looking and feeling breast, with the added benefit of removing excess tissue from the abdomen. However, it can also involve a longer recovery period than some other reconstruction options.        

Sagging Breast:
Sagging breasts are a common concern for many women, especially as they age or after 
significant weight loss. Our skilled surgeons offer a range of surgical and non-surgical 
options, including breast lift surgery, to help improve breast shape and firmness.

Silicone Breast:
Silicone breast implants are a popular option for breast reconstruction and breast augmentation. Our surgeons use the latest techniques and materials to ensure natural-looking results and minimize the risk of complications. We offer a range of sizes, shapes, and textures to help our patients achieve their desired look.

At Artemis Hospitals, our skilled surgeons are experienced in performing both TRAM and DIEP flap procedures, and can help determine the best approach for each patient based on their individual needs and goals. We work closely with our patients to develop a personalized treatment plan, and provide ongoing support and care throughout the recovery process. Contact us today to learn more about our breast surgery services and to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced surgeons.        

Discover the benefits of breast reduction, breast reconstruction, and Tram Flap surgery. Get expert insights and make an informed choice for your health.   

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