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Artemis Special Child Centre

ASCC (Artemis Special Children Centre) is a team of Multidisciplinary Professionals who work towards achieving maximum potential in your child. Established in 2012 ASCC is dedicated to the habilitation of differently abled children using the services of specialized professionals and therapies.

Team Of Specialists:
Dr. Snehal Deshpande
You Can Depend On Us If Your Child Shows:

- Delay in milestones because on any cause
- Has difficulty in chewing/swallowing
- Has difficulty in handwriting
- Has difficulty in performing age appropriate activities
- Has difficulty in copying from board
- Has issues with vision(eye)
- Is a known case of
o Cerebral palsy
o Autism
o ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder)
o LD (learning disorders)
o Torticollis
o CTEV (congenital talipesequinovarus)
o Related foot issues
o Hydrocephalus
o Problem of spine like scoliosis
o Myelomeningocoele
o Genetic syndromes
o Muscular conditions like muscular dystrophies
o Myopathies
o Europathies
o Neurogenic problem like polio

What Do We Do In ASCC?


• Early detection and early intervention
• Detailed assessment of the child using standardized scales
• Care giver interview
• Clinical observations of free play
• Customised program formulated after the detailed NDT (neurodevelopmental therapy) and
SI (sensory integration)assessment.
• Multidisciplinary OPD’s – we conduct Multidisciplinary opd’s regularly where the team of professionals sits together
to discuss the case.
• Each case is discussed with the team of professional which includes
o Paediatric Orthopaedician
o Paediatric Neurologist
o Developmental Paediatrician
o Neurophysician
o Physiotherapist
o Occupational Therapist
o Orthotist
o Speech Therapist
o Nutritionist
o Clinical Psychologist

What Is NDT- Neurodevelopment Therapy?

NDT works on function; through age appropriate activities which the child cannot perform, e.g :

-Walking on the road with a bag
-Writing in school
-Activities of daily living like brushing, feeding, playing etc

NDT works on balance and coordination in day to day activities
Activities are fun based and promotes occupational performance of the child in various environments like the school, home, playground etc

What Is Sensory Integration/ Processing?

Sensory integration/processing helps people “make sense” of the world around them.

Think of all the sensations you experience while dressing, bathing, walking, or riding a bike. Sensory integration is the process of using our senses to:

We can help your child develop:
• Activities of daily living
• Increasing attention span
• Balance and coordination
• Early Motor milestones
• Fine and gross motor skills
• Flexibility
• Functional vision
• Mobility
• Play skills
• Postural control and alignment
• Range of motion
• Sensory processing
• Social interaction
• Strength and endurance
• Speech and Language
• Sports skills
• Good handwriting

ASCC Programs:

Home programs
• Scripted or video programs.
• Given to each family based on specific requirements.
• Goal oriented.
PEARL (program of early assessment, recognition and learning) assess the child at the earliest and if any delay in milestones is suspected we offer relevant therapy and care.

Services Offered:

Sensory Diet
• Comprises of carefully planned program of specific sensory motor activities that is scheduled according to each child’s need and family’s schedule and resources.
Visual rehabilitation
• For improving attention, eye contact, focus of the child.
• We use different modes like light toys, torch, dim light, colored balls etc. according to the child’s requirement.

Handwriting Training

• We assess and then work on prewriting skills.
• We work on strength and core stability which is pre-requisite.
• We use adjuncts like grippers if required.

Auditory Integration
• It helps in improving attention and focus of the child.
• We help child to filter the important information using this therapy.

Nutrition OPD
• Team of nutritionist and therapists asess the child together and advise accordingly
• The diet plan and changes in current diet are advised by nutritionist.
• Adjuncts required and therapy to be followed is advised by therapists.

It is all about learning
It is all about movement
It is all about playing
It is all about FUN

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