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Rahman from Oman


"Thanks to Artemis I could hear my baby for the first time! I am extremely thankful to Artemis Hospital. It is only because of them that today for the first time I heard my ten month old son Abdul Rahman’s voiceUnknown Object and for the first time he was not exhausted and could breathe comfortably. While in his mother’s womb, he was diagnosed with breathing difficulty. His problem increased tremendously after birth and to save his life tracheostomy was conducted. Doctors in Oman referred this child patient to Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon. Here, he was diagnosed with a rare Congenital problem called Subglottic Stenosis. Normally, such surgeries require the rib graft to be harvested from chest to reconstruct airway. For my son, Artemis Hospital conducted a complex surgery where in the airway was reconstructed using the Cartilage from voice box. The doctors took very good care of my son. "

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Artemis saved my life and taught me how to live with a rare disease as a result of the tumor.
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