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Word Hepatitis Day - 2022


Artemis Hospitals today commemorated World Hepatitis Day to raise awareness on Gastro and Liver diseases by organizing a series of events at its premises in sector 51, Gurugram. To mark the importance of the day and the cause, symbolic balloons were released during the event. It also witnessed live discussions, radio talks and webinar with participation from experts and dignitaries who gave tips and raised awareness on Gastro and Liver diseases. The Hospital is in phase to launch Super speciality clinics for Digestive, Liver & lifestyle diseases / obesity in order to provide specialized care among the patients.

The event was attended by eminent doctors and dignitaries including Dr. Pawan Rawal (Head, (Unit I), Gastroenterology, Digestive & Liver Diseases), Dr. Kapil Dev Jamwal (Unit (II) Head, Gastroenterology, Digestive & Liver Diseases), Dr. M.A. Mir, Head Gastroentrology – Liver & Digestive disease (Unit III), Dr. Atul Sharma (Sr. Consultant & Clinical Lead in Motility, IBD & Third Space Endoscopy, Unit- II), Dr. Rajesh Kumar Padhan Sr. Consultant & Clinical Lead in Hepatology & Pancreas, Unit-II) and Dr. Abhinandan Mishra Consultant Gastroenterology, Unit I).

“The World Hepatitis Day is an opportunity for everyone to come together and raise awareness on the global challenge of hepatitis. It is extremely essential to understand that Gastro and Liver diseases like hepatitis are preventable and treatable. As an Initiative to curb & treat the disease following the theme for year 2022 – Bringing hepatitis care closer for an ease for the patients, the Hospital is soon coming up with a specialized clinic which will help the people to reach out to specialist and get early diagnosis and effective treatment so that one can drastically improve the condition and can save a life,” said Dr. Pawan Rawal Head, (Unit I), Gastroenterology, Digestive & Liver Diseases at Artemis Hospitals

Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver and it can be caused by several factors. One of the most common causes of chronic hepatitis is viral infection and World Hepatitis Day is observed each year on 28th July to raise awareness of viral hepatitis. According to the World Hepatitis Alliance, about 500 million people are currently infected with chronic hepatitis B or C, and 1 in 3 people have been exposed to one or both viruses. These challenges can cause severe liver disease and liver cancer. By organizing the event, Artemis also urged to accelerate efforts and join the global mission of eliminating hepatitis as a public health threat.

“We can’t wait to act because the challenge is so severe that a person dies every 30 seconds from a hepatitis related illness. It is estimated that 4 crore people are suffering from Hepatitis B and 0.6-1.2 crore people are suffering from Hepatitis C in India. People living with viral hepatitis should not wait for testing and life saving treatments. In addition, expecting mothers should undergo hepatitis screening and newborn babies should be given birth dose vaccines. More efforts are required to end stigma and discrimination attached to this challenge and stakeholders and decision makers should come together to fight against this global menace,” Said Dr. Kapil Dev Jamwal, Unit (II) Head, Gastroenterology, Digestive & Liver Diseases Artemis Hospitals.

“We aim to raise awareness about the need to simplify and bring hepatitis care to primary health facilities at an ease for the patients. To achieve hepatitis elimination at least 60% of people living with hepatitis B and C must be diagnosed and at least 50% eligible for treatment must be cured (hepatitis C) or receiving treatment (hepatitis B) by 2025. For this to happen, those in need must have access to hepatitis services that are accessible, and that are equitable, effective, efficient, timely and of an acceptable quality. added Dr. M.A. Mir, Head Gastroenterology – Liver & Digestive disease (Unit III)

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Format : Industry Story
Online Publication : Healthwire
Date : 28/07/2022

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