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Spinster to a married woman. What changes for her?

I had free reign in the first 30 years of my life till I became a married woman. There is no denying that I was told by family, friends, relatives, society, community, and teachers – how to be a good girl. How to sit, how to speak, and how to be a good wife and daughter-in-law? Whatever the case, I made decisions in my life. I lived freely, without restrictions (at least not tangible). 

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From Spinster to Married Woman: Navigating Life's Transitions

The journey from spinsterhood to marriage marks a significant transition in a woman's life, accompanied by various changes and adjustments as she embraces her new role as a wife. From personal identity to societal expectations, let's explore some of the transformations a woman may experience after tying the knot.

Personal Identity:

One of the most noticeable changes for a woman transitioning from spinsterhood to marriage is the shift in personal identity. With marriage comes a new marital status, and for many women, this change is accompanied by a shift in self-perception. As a married woman, she may find herself redefining aspects of her identity, incorporating her role as a wife into her sense of self.

Family Dynamics:

Marriage often brings about changes in family dynamics, as a woman forms a new partnership with her spouse and may also integrate into his family. Navigating relationships with in-laws and extended family members can present both challenges and opportunities for growth as she establishes her place within her new familial context.

Domestic Responsibilities:

The transition to marriage typically entails taking on new domestic responsibilities and roles within the household. From managing finances to sharing household chores and decision-making with her spouse, a married woman may find herself adjusting to a new rhythm and division of labor within the home.

Social Expectations:

Societal expectations surrounding marriage can also influence a woman's experience of transitioning from spinsterhood to marriage. She may encounter pressures to conform to traditional gender roles or expectations regarding marital bliss and starting a family. Navigating these expectations while staying true to her individual aspirations and values can be a balancing act for many women.

Career and Personal Goals:

While marriage can bring about changes in priorities and lifestyle, it's essential for a woman to maintain a sense of autonomy and pursue her career and personal goals. Balancing the demands of marriage with her individual ambitions requires open communication with her spouse and a commitment to supporting each other's growth and fulfillment.

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Format : Industry Story
Online Publication : Narisakti Online
Date : 04/09/2022
Inputs Shared By : 
Dr Chandrima Misra Mukherjee, Co-head of Psychological Services.                         


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