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Artemis Lite NFC (New Delhi)


Artemis Hospital's expansion into New Friends Colony, New Delhi, with the inauguration of Artemis Lite, a 40+ bed multi-specialty hospital, marks a significant milestone in accessible healthcare provision.

This new venture is poised to redefine healthcare accessibility, bringing a bouquet of specialized medical services to the doorstep of the bustling New Friends Colony. Equipped with over 40 beds, including two cutting-edge operation theaters, a robust nine-bed ICU, a specialized five-bed day-care chemo suite, a four-bed NICU, labor delivery rooms, and expansive multi-specialty wards, Artemis Lite embodies a comprehensive healthcare solution.

The essence of Artemis Lite lies in its diverse array of more than 15 specialties, covering routine wellness programs, diagnostics, preventive care, and advanced treatments, ensuring that residents have access to a spectrum of medical services under one roof.

This expansion is a testament to Artemis Hospital's commitment to extending its renowned healthcare solutions beyond conventional boundaries. Artemis Lite isn't just a hospital; it's a promise of personalized care, exemplary medical expertise, and an unwavering dedication to serving the community.

Located strategically in New Friends Colony, Artemis Lite stands as a beacon of inclusive and accessible healthcare provision. Its presence in this vibrant neighborhood redefines healthcare accessibility, offering the convenience of top-tier medical services in close proximity to residents' homes.

As Artemis Lite opens its doors, it invites the community to experience a new era of healthcare—a fusion of expertise, innovation, and compassionate care. It signifies a shift towards a healthcare model that emphasizes not only medical interventions but also nurtures holistic well-being.

Artemis Lite's arrival in New Friends Colony heralds a new chapter in healthcare accessibility. It promises to be a trusted partner in the community's health journey, bringing top-notch medical care closer to home.

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