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Artemis Lite

Artemis Medicare Services marks another milestone in its commitment to accessible healthcare with the inauguration of Artemis Lite, a cutting-edge multi-specialty hospital nestled in the heart of New Friends Colony, Delhi. This unveiling introduces a beacon of personalized care and medical expertise, extending Artemis's renowned healthcare solutions to the immediate community.

The essence of Artemis Lite encapsulates a holistic approach to healthcare, boasting a facility adorned with over 40 beds, encompassing two state-of-the-art operation theaters, a robust 9-bed ICU, a dedicated 5-bed day-care chemo suite, a specialized 4-bed NICU, labor delivery rooms, and comprehensive multi-specialty wards.

The hospital's core ethos revolves around offering an extensive range of specialized services, incorporating more than 15 distinct specialties. From routine wellness programs and diagnostic services to preventive care and advanced treatment modalities, Artemis Lite stands as a beacon of comprehensive healthcare provision in the neighborhood.

Artemis Lite isn't just a hospital; it's a testament to Artemis Medicare Services' unwavering dedication to enhancing the healthcare landscape. Beyond the tangible infrastructure and advanced medical amenities, Artemis Lite embodies a commitment to personalized, compassionate care tailored to each patient's needs.

As Artemis Lite opens its doors, it beckons the community to experience healthcare redefined—a blend of expertise, innovation, and empathy. The call to action is clear: join us at Artemis Lite, where top-notch medical solutions and heartfelt care converge to elevate the standards of neighborhood healthcare.

Experience the future of neighborhood healthcare with Artemis Lite. Visit us and witness a new paradigm in personalized medical care.

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