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Best hospital for stroke treatment in the world

Artemis Hospital in Gurugram, India, has been recognized as the best hospital in the world for stroke treatment by the World Stroke Organisation (WSO). This accolade is a testament to the hospital's commitment to providing exceptional care to patients suffering from stroke. The hospital's Stroke and Vascular-intervention (SVIN) Unit was honored with the Diamond Award, marking the first time a hospital in Haryana has received this prestigious award.

The WSO has strict quality evaluation processes to determine the best stroke units around the world. The parameters they use for selecting the best unit include the number of patients treated within 60 minutes of door-to-needle time, the number of patients treated within 120 minutes of door-to-groin time, the number of patients treated within 45 minutes of door-to-needle time, and the number of stroke patients treated in a dedicated stroke unit or ICU.

Dr. Vipul Gupta, Director of the Neurointervention, Stroke, and Vascular-intervention (SVIN) Unit at Artemis Hospital, expressed his happiness in receiving the award, stating that the hospital's goal has always been to provide the best healthcare services in line with international standards. He credits the hospital's excellent team coordination, expertise, and technology in providing seamless and integrated healthcare services to stroke patients.

The hospital's team has recently developed a 'Drip and Ship' model, which aims to provide primary treatment to stroke patients within the golden hours at a peripheral hospital. This model has helped reduce the time it takes for patients to receive treatment, increasing their chances of survival and minimizing the risk of other health complications. The hospital is the only one in the region with a dedicated stroke neurology team that concentrates solely on acute stroke and provides the best neurointervention services.

The WSO Diamond Category Awards recognize hospitals or stroke units around the world for their outstanding quality in acute stroke treatment with impeccable quality monitoring practices. The awards encourage teams and individuals to be committed to providing effective and timely stroke management that includes timely saving of lives and minimizing the risk of other health complexities.

Stroke has become one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in India in recent years. Although timely treatment can prevent damage caused to the brain, it has been estimated that around 1.8 million people suffer from stroke every year, but only 1% are able to reach a hospital in time to receive the required treatment. The recognition of Artemis Hospital's SVIN Unit as the best hospital in the world for stroke treatment is an important step in improving stroke care in India and around the world.

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