Emergency Phone No : +91- 124 6767000   I    For Appointments : +91- 124 6767999

Emergency Phone No : +91- 124 6767000 For Appointments : +91- 124 6767999

Artemis Emergency and Trauma Centre

The Emergency Department at Artemis – a Level I trauma centre providing ultra-advanced prehospital emergency medical services for both adults and paediatric patients - is built around a simple, yet powerful, philosophy: That help should be at hand, especially when one needs it most. After all, it is the quality of professional care – and the speed at which it is administered – that determines the chances of the patient’s survival during the critical minutes (“Golden Hours”, as they are called) that immediately follow a trauma. 

Agile, equipped and proficient, our Emergency Department’s Rapid Response Team stands by to swing into action at short notice - be it a cardiac arrest, labor attack, accidents or any other predicament, and no matter what the age. 

Right from the 24X7 emergency number to an easy access to Parking and Drop-Off zones to cutting-edge technology systems to highly qualified intensivists, every point of the Artemis Emergency Department has been purpose-planned to ensure that the patient emerges out of the critical phase – by dispensing the most appropriate care in the minimum possible time. 

Some of the treatments and special processes offered are :

a) Resuscitation and critical care of all patients who reportin a state of emergency - including paediatric and neonatal patients.

b) Protocol led care for all emergencies, with strict adherence to the clinical pathways of ST elevation myocardial infarction and Acute Stroke. 

The Emergency Department at Artemis functions in close collaboration with other departments such as Imaging, Lab services, Security and others round-the-clock to provide seamless, comprehensive and quick service in times of critical need.

The only way to tackle emergencies.
Be ready for it from every angle.

The Emergency Department at Artemis is equipped to handle a 360 degree range of trauma contingencies: 

Pre Hospital care

a) Land and Air Ambulance services to and from Artemis Hospital.

b) Provision of Advanced Cardiac Life Support Ambulances for both adult and paediatric critical patients.

In - hospital Emergency Service

a) Resuscitation and critical care: For patients with life threatening medical, surgical and trauma related emergencies.

b) Trauma care: ED is a LEVEL 1 Trauma care centre.

c) Toxicology: Provides primary management and clinical support for patients with suspected poisoning.

d) Disaster Management: Equipped to tackle mass casualties such as like major accidents, earthquake &fire. 

e) Training: ACLS training for doctors and paramedics; BLS training for non-medical personnel. 

f) Quality Improvement & safety: Objectively and systematically monitoring quality appropriateness, efficiency, safety & effectiveness of the care.

You can’t be ready for emergencies in advance.
Which is why they are.

The crack Emergency Team at Artemis comprises some of the best professionals in the land -  from trauma physicians and emergency room physicians to surgical residents and nurses – who stay tuned and trained to act instantly. 

Dr. (Col) SuvasishChakraberty - Director

Dr. (Maj) Ellora Nanda- Senior Consultant

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh- Senior Consultant

Dr. Anjana Kharbanda- Consultant

Dr. Yatin Kukreja– Associate Consultant

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Mishra- Associate Consultant

Special milestonescrossed 
by a very special Emergency Care team.

• Conducting at least two ACLS  courses regularly for the last 5 years under the aegis of American Heart Association to equip the staff with the necessary skills to deal with any life-threatening emergencies and ensure better outcomes.

• Community outreach programmes conducted at least twice a year for Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life support and Fire Safety with active involvement of RWAs to sensitize the community about the necessary skills in an emergency situation.

• Corporate training in First Aid and BLS conducted as and when requested.

• Training of Traffic Police Personnel of Haryana in Basic Life support & First Aid as part of the initiative to promote road safety.

• Actively providing Emergency medical services for various Central and State functions.


Got a question regarding our Emergency Department and its services?
Find your answer here. 

Who will take care of me in the Emergency Department(ED)?
A triage nurse will evaluate you before allotting an ED bed. During evaluation, you will be attended to by a ED physician (and also a specialty Consultant if required).

Is there a ‘Waiting Period’ for getting an ED bed?
There is generally no waiting time for boarding an ED bed. In times of surge, extra stretcher trolleys are deployed to accommodate additional patients.

Will I have to wait in an emergency before being attended to by a doctor in the ED?
We stick by our policy of attending to patients within60 seconds of their arrival in ED.

What tests will I have to undergo in the ED?
Every patient comes into the ED with a unique need – be it a lab investigation (blood or urine sample), X-rays or CT scans with other tests. It is also possible for a patient to not require any test. Your ED physician will explain the tests that you need to take, and will answer any questions you may have pertaining to your illness or condition. 

How long will I be there in ED?
Every patient condition is different and there is no way to provide an exact estimate of how long one’s treatment will take. It is our constant endeavour to not hold any patient for more than 2 hours in the ED. However, at times, because of delay in availability of hospital beds, you may have to be in the ED for some time till beds become available.

Will I need to stay in the hospital?
Sometimes your condition may require additional care in the hospital and you will be admitted or observed in the hospital accordingly. Once the decision has been made to admit you in the hospital, your healthcare team will talk to you regarding the hospital you need to get admitted to, and how to take things forward. 

How can my family members contact me in ED?
The hospital emergency number is 0124-6767000. Your family members can ask to be transferred to the Emergency department after dialling the number.

Where do I follow up after being discharged?
You will be suitably instructed about the specialist consultant OPD to attend at the time of your discharge.

Does the EDcater to home visits in case of emergencies?
Yes, we do have a facility of providing Emergency Care at home in which the patient is transported from the residence to the hospital. However this provision is provided by Home Care services - their contact number is +91-8860084388.

How do I avail emergency ambulance service from ED?
Emergency ambulance services can be availed 24X7 from ED by dialling 0124-6767000.



Artemis Technology

3 Tesla MRI


Gamma Camera

High End Colour Doppler Ultrasound System

Knee Replacement Navigation Machine

M6 Cyberknife




Philips FD20-10Cath Lab with Stent Boost Technology


Philips FD20-10Cath Lab with Stent Boost Technology

A leading medical speciality centre, Artemis Hospitals was established in 2007 and is promoted by Apollo Tyres. Artemis is designed as one of the most advanced healthcare facility provider in India and constitutes a seamless integration of diagnostic, day care and critical care service.

OPD Timing

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